Custom Vmax lighting

 Yamaha Vmax motorcycle custom LED tail and brake lights

Welcome Vmaxers
MonsterMax is a website dedicated to the Yamaha Vmax motorcycle. We are Vmax Owners and members of the VMOA.

For the pre 2009 Vmax owners very little has changed in regards to the look of the bike over the years. Because of this the Vmax has endured every modification imaginable by it's owners. One modification most Vmax owners have considered is the taillight. The stock tail light is very large, heavy, and not very attractive. There have not been a lot of options however when it comes to an after market tail light that suits the Vmax lines and styling.

MonsterMax has designed and manufactured a custom LED taillight tailored to the Vmax fender. This incredibly bright, low profile, sleek taillight maintains the lines of the bike, adds style, safety and function. The MonsterMax lights bolt directly to the existing hardware on the bike. The heavy stock steel inner fender is eliminated and the MonsterMax wiring harness plugs directly into the stock harness. Click on our product line to read more.

We are currently working on more custom Vmax lighting options to ad to our line up, be sure to check back with us soon.



V Brake light with license plate illumination. Click here for more info

Solid Brake light with license plate

illumination. Click here for more info.